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st: RE: RE: Syntax for options in a program

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Syntax for options in a program
Date   Thu, 14 Aug 2008 15:41:33 +0100

I can't see why `touse' is set each time round the loop. I would move that outside. 

An issue unresolved is why you want to tag your graphs and graph files with `touse'. `touse' will just be some tempname like __985123 which won't mean anything to you. Presumably you will want to use some permanent variable name instead. 

Another puzzle is that you don't refer to `q' within the loop, except for the sorting. 

I've not tried to understand the whole program, but I think this is closer to what you want. 

program dokern, byable(recall) sortpreserve 
	version 9
	syntax varlist [if] [in] , SAVing(string) 
      marksample touse
	foreach q of local _byvars {
		sort `q'
		foreach i of local `varlist' { 
			twoway (kdensity `i') if `touse', /// 
			yla(, ang(h) labsize(vsmall))     ///
			xlab(0(100)1000, labsize(tiny))   ///
			caption("Kernel density of `i' by `touse'") /// 
			saving(`saving'_`i'_by`touse', replace ) 
                  graph export `saving'_`i'_by`touse'.ps, replace 

A strategic comment is that I wouldn't write a program for something this specific. I would rather write a do file, get it working and make it more ambitious iteratively. That may just reflect my experience of what is natural for different kinds of tasks. 


philippe van kerm

I'm not sure it this is the main or only source of problem, but your -foreach- statements are not correct:

     foreach `q' of local `_byvars' {;

should be

     foreach q of local _byvars {;


     foreach i of local `varlist' { ;

should be

     foreach i of local varlist { ;

Marco Petracco

> I have been trying to crack this using the manual and online help,
> but I don't seem to be able to come out on top of it. I am writing
> a short program which should take a list of variables and give me
> back a set of Kernel graphs and also save the results in a series
> of files, the "root" of which name should be provided by the user.
> However, no matter how I specify the value of the "saving" option
> (i.e. within parentheses and braces, parentheses only, braces only
> ...) I get a "syntax error" or an "option saving() required" error
> message.
> Can anybody help me spot what I am doing wrong?
> I copy here under the program:
> program dokern, byable(recall) sortpreserve
> # delimit;
>         version 9;
>         syntax varlist [if] [in] , SAVing(string) ;
>         foreach `q' of local `_byvars' {;
>                 sort `q';
>                 marksample touse;
>                 foreach i of local `varlist' { ;
>                                 twoway (kdensity `i') if `touse',
> ylabel(, angle(horizontal) labsize(vsmall)) xlabel(0(100)1000,
> labsize(tiny)) caption("Kernel density of `i' by `touse'") saving(
> `saving'_`i'_by`touse', replace ) ;
>                                 graph export
> `saving'_`i'_by`touse'.ps, replace ;
>                 } ;
>         };
> end;

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