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st: RE: Problem with outreg2 in a do file

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Problem with outreg2 in a do file
Date   Sun, 10 Aug 2008 15:52:45 +0200

Let me take a first shot at this and say that results are usually returned
as -return scalar- by a program. I bet your problem has something to do with
the use of locals inside your program, and different handling of those in a
do-file vs. interactive use. See -h simulate- at the bottom for an example
of the -return scalar- command. Other listers will probably elaborate on


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[] On Behalf Of Davide Cantoni
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:18 PM
Subject: st: Problem with outreg2 in a do file


I have a problem with a certain -outreg2- line that does not work in a
do-file, but works perfectly when called up manually. I really can't
understand why that happens.

Here's the program. What I am doing there is defining a program to
test a nonlinear combination of coefficients (the long-run effect in a
dynamic panel), and therefore I create "testlreff". There, I save the
results (which are matrices) in scalars, so that I can use them in
-outreg2, addstat()-.

*** code begins here***

cap program drop testlreff

program testlreff
	nlcom _b[L1.x]/(1-_b[L1.y])
	mat b1=r(b)
	mat v1=r(V)
	local b=b1[1,1]
 	local se=sqrt(v1[1,1])

xtabond2 y L.(y x) yr* , gmm(L.(y)) iv(yr*) iv(L2.x, passthru) noleveleq
outreg2 L1.y L1.x using whatever, bdec(3) br addstat(long-run effect,
`b', se, `se') replace

*** code ends here***

The problem that appears when I run this do file is that right after
the outreg-line Stata stops and tells me:

. outreg2 L1.y L1.x using whatever.xls, bdec(3) br addstat(lon
> g-run effect, `b', se, `se')
invalid syntax

end of do-file

Now the weird thing is that if I now copy and paste that outreg2 line
manually into stata, right after the do file stalls, it works
perfectly. So I really can't understand why it does not work when it
is in a do file.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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