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st: re: functions in Stata

From   Kit Baum <>
Subject   st: re: functions in Stata
Date   Fri, 8 Aug 2008 13:38:23 -0400

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Sergiy said

Observation 1: some Stata commands return functions, e.g. -regress-
returns e(sample)

Observation 2: it is possible to get a list of defined functions by
reading extended macro function:

sysuse auto
regress p w
display `"`:e(functions)'"'

Observation 3: none of the official .ado files eshibits this feature

Observation 4: none of the user commands that I've seen uses this feature.

If there is any new information available now, that was not available
in 2003 I would be glad to hear that.

Why do I need to know this? I am writing a command that automatically
processes the results saved in r() e() s() and at the very least I
need to know whether any user-defined command could, can or will be
able to save anything in the "functions" section.

As far as I can see there is no provision for a user-written r-class ado file to return a function. An e-class ado-file can return e(sample) using ereturn post, but it does not appear that it can return any other function.

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics and DIW Berlin
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