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Re: st: Data Entry

From   "[ISO-8859-1] Eduardo Palencia Herrejón" <>
Subject   Re: st: Data Entry
Date   Wed, 6 Aug 2008 20:37:54 +0200

You are probably right, Nick, but when data must be introduced by a
couple of persons, as is the case, direct data entry into the same
Stata file becomes problematic. I think the best solution could be a
friendly form (Access? Epidata?), checking the data at its entry, and
saving it in a file to be imported to Stata using a do file.

The data I need to analize are quite simple: most of them are daily
counts of activity in an ICU.

More help would be welcomed.
Best regards,


Eduardo Palencia Herrejón
Jefe de Servicio de Medicina Intensiva
Hospital "Infanta Leonor", Madrid
C/ Gran vía del Este, 80
28031 Madrid
Tfno: +34619204428
Fax: +34911919099

2008/8/5 Nick Cox <>:
> First off, "data entry" may not mean exactly the same to all.
> Does that mean that you -- or someone else -- is typing data directly
> into a program?
> (i.e. data do not already exist as some file or files)
> Does that mean that data values are checked at time of input and users
> are prompted immediately for unacceptable values? If the latter, then
> you may well need something outside Stata.
> Otherwise, my position on this on this is eccentric: I like using Stata
> for data entry into Stata. I then have no problems of file readability,
> conversion, etc.
> A simple example is trying to re-create problems mentioned on Statalist
> with example data that people give in their postings. Some combination
> of data editor, do-file editor, and -split- usually gets their examples
> into Stata without undue effort.
> Nick

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