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RE: st: choosing Vista versus XP for Stata MP/SE on a 64-bit machine

From   "Tiago V. Pereira" <>
Subject   RE: st: choosing Vista versus XP for Stata MP/SE on a 64-bit machine
Date   Wed, 6 Aug 2008 03:27:07 -0300 (BRT)

James wrote:

Personally, I'm a Unix person, when the choice is available, though it
usually isn't except for my home system.


So, based on your conjecture and if you want to use Stata 64-bit MP/SE
with a nice performance, I believe that you already know the answer: use 
linux with a 64-bit version. Try to convince the guys to save their money
regarding the OS if you haven’t already bought Stata 64-bit.

Nevertheless, if you already have Stata 64-bit for Windows, Vista still
seems better than XP 64-bit. However, if one can load 3GB under XP 64-bit,
the difference is small, making the price as well as the support the only
issues to think about.

Assuming that they will be supporting XP until 2014(I donīt believe that),
you are going to have ~6 years. Since you are likely to be from
USA/Europe, this seems to be a fairly nice time. Here, in Brazil, I
wouldnīt do any investiment in an OS knowing beforehand that I will need
to change everything within 8 years, and pay again.



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