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Re: st: Confirming paths and/or whether shell executed OK

From   "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject   Re: st: Confirming paths and/or whether shell executed OK
Date   Tue, 5 Aug 2008 11:30:44 -0400

You may also want to use -file- to write a file to the path to make
sure that Stata can write there, and issue appropriate error messages
if that fails. You could use -tempfile- to pick a relatively safe file
name with path prepended and strip out `c(tmpdir)' to get a file name
only.  Or maybe you do something like this already?  I'm afraid I
haven't looked at the -stcmd- package...

On 8/5/08, Sergiy Radyakin <> wrote:
> Dear Roger,
> before the answers follow, why not instruct the users to include
> Stat\Transfer into the path, and resolve the problem forever??
> Alternatively, read the registry for the full path to Stat\Transfer.
> You will find the appropriate value here:
> HKLM\Software\Circle Systems\StatTransfer9\InstallDir
> (this is the most "correct" way from my point of view, otherwise you
> risk to run st.exe which does "shuttle-terminate" in NASA, or
> "subway-traffic" somewhere in METRO)
> Remember that not all the users will have Stat\Transfer installed at
> the default path.

> On 8/5/08, Newson, Roger B <> wrote:
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