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> Subject: st: RE: xtoverid error: internal reestimation of eqn 
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> Dear Mark,
> Thanks for the detailed thoughts on what is going on in 
> xthtaylor and xtoverid. This allowed me to peer a bit more 
> deeply into these commands' inner workings. In my case, I am 
> not sure though if unbalancedness is the sole problem here. 
> First of all, I'm not sure what you meant with unbalanced.

A "balanced panel" is one where the number of observations per group is
the same.  You have an "unbalanced panel": some groups have as few as 7
observations, others have as many as 9.  My suggestion was to reestimate
on a balanced panel to see if the problem goes away.  Since almost all
your groups have 9 observations, probably you just drop all the groups
with fewer than 9 and see what happens.



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