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st: a question for you

From   "Prof. Dr. Aysit Tansel" <>
Subject   st: a question for you
Date   Wed, 09 Jul 2008 11:07:24 +0300

Dear Kit Baum,
a few days ago, I sent the e-mail below with the question to Statalist. But, I received no response. Therefore I am writing to you. I would be grateful if you could offer me a response.
Thank you for your help in advance.....

Dear Statalist,
After the reg commmand I do an "ovtest" and an "hettest". I would like the results of these tests to be written in the outreg file for the regression results after the usual "observations", "R-squared" and "F-test" etc.
Is this possible to do with "outreg" or "outreg2" ?
Thank you for your help in advance...

Kit Baum wrote:

< >
Fred said that he could not allocate nearly as much memory as I reported. Here is what my fully-updated Stata/MP4 version 10 on Mac OS X says:

. set mem 2270m

Current memory allocation

current memory usage
settable value description (1M = 1024k)
set maxvar 5000 max. variables allowed 1.751M
set memory 2270M max. data space 2,270.000M
set matsize 400 max. RHS vars in models 1.254M

. memory
Details of set memory usage
overhead (pointers) 0 0.00%
data 0 0.00%
data + overhead 0 0.00%
free 2,380,267,520 100.00%
Total allocated 2,380,267,520 100.00%
Other memory usage
set maxvar usage 1,836,513
set matsize usage 1,315,200
programs, saved results, etc. 131
Total 3,151,844
Grand total 2,383,419,364

This system is running Mac OS X 10.5.4. Is yours, Fred?
I have 4 Gb of RAM on this system. I don't see why there would be such a large discrepancy between what you can allocate and what I can allocate.

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics and DIW Berlin
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