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st: capture blocks

From   Philipp Rehm <>
Subject   st: capture blocks
Date   Sun, 29 Jun 2008 12:22:38 +0200

My question is whether there is a way to force Stata to run trough a do-file without aborting when there is an error. I know that I can use -capture- for this. Example:

sysuse auto, clear
cap noisily rename rep76 whatever
cap noisily rename rep77 foo
cap noisily rename rep78 bar

I was hoping / expecting that -capture- with {} would let me do this on a whole block of commands. Example:

sysuse auto, clear
capture noisily {
rename rep76 whatever
rename rep77 foo
rename rep78 bar

However, this will abort after the first line (which contains an error). This behavior is documented in the manual: "If any of the commands in the capture block fail, the subsequent commands in the block are aborted" ([P], Release 9, p. 21)

So, is there a way to run a *block* of commands without having to put the -capture- in front of each command?

Stata 9, Win XP.

Thank you very much!

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