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st: Countvariables/Poisson Regression in hetergenous choice models

From   "Sebastian Sattler" <>
Subject   st: Countvariables/Poisson Regression in hetergenous choice models
Date   Tue, 24 Jun 2008 22:57:17 +0200

Hi everybody,
I am searching a procedure which helps me to estimate the networksize of respondents (count variable).

I want to compare the coefficients of three different studies.

Williams provided a solution for binary and ordinal dependent variables with his oglm-procedure (heterogeneous choice model). OLS regressors can be compared easyly - heteroscedasticity is not that problem.

But I do not find any for count outcomes.

Another connected problem in the same context is the "scale" of my dependent variables. In one study the networksize is restricted to a maximum of 3 (range 0-3). The other studies do not have any restriction. There empirical range is: 0-20 and 0 to 11 (some networkgenerators produces a range from 0 to 8).

Hopefully, anyone has a simple solution for this special problem!


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