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st: uniqmaster option with merge

From   Iva Bozovic <>
Subject   st: uniqmaster option with merge
Date   Thu, 19 Jun 2008 23:20:35 -0700


I have an issue with the merge options.  I want to force the merge to  
take the match variable from the master file since it is not an  
unique identifier in the using file.  In other words, I want to all  
all observations that have the same hqduns as those in the master  
file.  But the option uniqmaster gives me the comment below as if I  
never even attached the option.  And the output shows that it did not  
merge anything from the using file.  Any suggestions?
I have up-to-date stata 10.

. merge hqduns using sm_NETS, uniqmaster
variable hqduns does not uniquely identify observations in sm_NETS.dta

Thanks.  Iva

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