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st: UPDATE: once again -reshape- and labels

From   Andrea Bennett <>
Subject   st: UPDATE: once again -reshape- and labels
Date   Mon, 16 Jun 2008 21:06:11 +0200

Dear Statalisters,

So with a more detailed question again (see previous post by me). The data set contains these variables: id, Ax1-Ax10, Bx1-Bx10, Cx1-Cx10. Every group (e.g. Ax1-Ax10) has the very same label which should be applied to the new variables after reshape. This is the code I got so far:

/* store label of each group of variables */
local lrshp "Ax1 Bx1 Cx1"

foreach v of var `lrshp' {
local l`v' : variable label `v'

/* reshape */
local rshp "Ax Bx Cx"
quietly reshape long `rshp', i(id) j(wave) /* giving me a data set with the variables: id, Ax, Bx, Cx, wave */

/* set label */
foreach v of var `rshp' {
label variable `v' "`l`lrshp''"

This way, Ax gets the correct label but Bx and Cx get the label of Ax. I seem to do something wrong when iterating at the end. I just really don't see the point.

Many thanks for the consideration,

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