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Re: st: 64 bit Stata for the Mac /feature request

From   Orvalho Joaquim Augusto <>
Subject   Re: st: 64 bit Stata for the Mac /feature request
Date   Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:41:54 +0200

Yes it would be nice that Stata had a some kind of plugin to take job 
from another outside editor and execute it.

There are many reasons to choose one editor or other. One trivial one 
for example is: I just need one editor with dark background so I can 
work for long hours without headache.


Salah Mahmud wrote:
> I second Phil's request.
> This is long overdue. Stata owes its success to its open design but
> for what must be a good reason StataCorp opted not to open up the
> editor for any customization or extension.
> I've in the past proposed a solution among the lines of the Stata
> plugin: a simple API that allows specially modified external editors
> to pass lines of code to Stata for execution and returns the _rc code
> (and perhaps the error message) to the caller. From where I sit, the
> task seems almost trivial but again I do not know anything about the
> innards of Stata.
> I have all respect to Stata developers who always produced solid code
> and innovative solutions, but the editor remains painfully inadequate
> despite many recent improvements.  I still copy and paste into an
> external editor to do any serious "find and replace" operations or to
> do column selection.  So some essential functions in the editor need
> to be improved. But as Phil said, people love their editors and it
> might be just easier and cheaper for StataCorp to allow them to plug
> in their favorite editors.
> Hope StataCorp is listening.
> salah mahmud
> Canada
> On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 8:36 AM, Phil Schumm <> wrote:
>> On Jun 14, 2008, at 11:18 AM, Christopher Intemann wrote:
>>> For instance, I'm writing my scripts using emacs in stata mode. However,
>>> there is no way to run them (or parts from them) directly from emacs.  It
>>> would be nice if the upcomming stata release would offer an interface for
>>> external editors.
>> If all you want to do is to run the file you're editing (or selected
>> portions of it) in Stata, then you can use an "Open" Apple Event to do this.
>>  For more information, see the section on Macintosh editors in
>>  I'm not an emacs user,
>> but IIRC, it has a "do-applescript" command that you can use for this; I
>> thought it had been incorporated into Bill Rising's Stata mode for emacs,
>> but perhaps not.  I have used this approach with AlphaX (and now TextMate)
>> and it works quite well.
>> In fact, with the OS X executable update dated 25feb2008, this approach now
>> works even better.   Prior to that, when Stata had finished processing a
>> file it would notify you via OS X's notification system (i.e., bouncing icon
>> in the dock), and wouldn't accept any further requests until you had
>> responded to the notification by switching focus to Stata.  After the
>> update, Stata no longer waits to accept new requests, and there is a
>> preference item so that you can disable notification all together.  These
>> changes make working with external editors on OS X much nicer.
>> The question of whether StataCorp should add features to its do-file editor
>> has been addressed several times before on the list.  As several have noted,
>> many of the users who find it inadequate would also find inadequate any
>> editor except their preferred one.  These users want to be able to use the
>> same text editor for everything (e.g., data-analytic work, coding, writing,
>> etc.), and have invested considerable effort in learning how to use their
>> text editor efficiently and/or customizing it to suit their needs.
>>  StataCorp may decide to add features to their do-file editor in the future
>> (since, clearly, there are a lot of users who use it), however my suggestion
>> would be to take your preferred editor and figure out how to use it well
>> with Stata; that way, you'll be happy whatever StataCorp does.
>> -- Phil
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