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st: Problem creating multiple loops

From   "Hugh Colaco" <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: Problem creating multiple loops
Date   Fri, 13 Jun 2008 13:29:10 -0400


I realize that my earlier post a couple of days ago was not very
clear. So, here is another try. I need a more efficient code than the
one below. I tried various combinations of -local-, -foreach- and
-forval-, but am unable to get it right.

       gen var1_1 = ln(((var1_1994-var1_1993)/var1_1993)+1) if year==1993;

       gen var1_2 = ln(((var1_1995-var1_1993)/var1_1993)+1) if year==1993;

       gen var1_3 = ln(((var1_1996-var1_1993)/var1_1993)+1) if year==1993;

       gen var1_4 = ln(((var1_1997-var1_1993)/var1_1993)+1) if year==1993;

       replace var1_1 = ln(((var1_1995-var1_1994)/var1_1994)+1) if year==1994;

       replace var1_2 = ln(((var1_1996-var1_1994)/var1_1994)+1) if year==1994;

       replace var1_3 = ln(((var1_1997-var1_1994)/var1_1994)+1) if year==1994;

       replace var1_4 = ln(((var1_1998-var1_1994)/var1_1994)+1) if year==1994;




       replace var1_1 = ln(((var1_2003-var1_2002)/var1_2002)+1) if year==2002;

       replace var1_2 = ln(((var1_2004-var1_2002)/var1_2002)+1) if year==2002;

       replace var1_3 = ln(((var1_2005-var1_2002)/var1_2002)+1) if year==2002;

       replace var1_4 = ln(((var1_2006-var1_2002)/var1_2002)+1) if year==2002;

Thanks in advance,
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