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st: RE: local macro

From   Höchle, Daniel (MI Switzerland) <>
To   "" <''>
Subject   st: RE: local macro
Date   Fri, 13 Jun 2008 15:36:50 +0200

Thanks a lot, Maarten. It now works perfectly!

I knew that I have to use compound quotes, but my application of them was wrong (disp "`MarkStr'" does not work whereas disp `"`MarkStr'"' returns what I am looking for).

--- daniel hoechle wrote:
> While I can produce local macro MarkStr with content 
> "100 250 here-->" by typing
> . local MarkStr "100 250 here-->"
> I do not manage to produce a macro containing the string: 
> "100 250 "here-->""

What you want are called compound quotes, see -help quotes-

local MarkStr `"100 250 "here-->""'
di `"`MarkStr'"'

Hope this helps,

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