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RE: st: Too many variables

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Too many variables
Date   Fri, 6 Jun 2008 14:39:30 +0100

Sorry, but this is variously wrong and misleading. 

-matsize- has nothing to do with the number of variables you can hold. 

There is an absolute limit on the number of variables each Stata can
hold and that is not affected by memory settings. 

See -help limits-. 


Elizabeth A. Stiles, PhD

You can increase your matsize and/or set memory to be larger and that
will allow you to increase your number of variables.

before you open your dataset,
set mem 100m
set matsize 800

Keith Dear

>Also, perhaps it may be useful to:
>describe using filename
>i.e. list the (many) variables without loading the dataset. I don't 
>know whether that has the same limitation on the number of variables.

Partha Deb

>>Chances are, you don't need nearly the number of variables for your 
>>analysis as you have in your dataset.  In that case, use the 
>>following syntax (from -help use-)
>>use [varlist] [if] [in] using filename [, clear nolabel]
>>eg. use var1 var2 var3 using dataset, clear

Georgiana Bostean

>>>I have the Intercooled version and I cannot open a dataset because it
>>>has too many variables. What are my options?

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