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st: Fracplot after cnreg, intreg and nbreg

From   Garry Anderson <>
Subject   st: Fracplot after cnreg, intreg and nbreg
Date   Mon, 02 Jun 2008 16:07:41 +1000

Dear Statalist,

I do seem to be able to obtain data points after fracplot, only the
fitted line with 95%CIs. This applies to cnreg, intreg and nbreg when
used with fracpoly. The -help fracpoly- indicates that the
regression_cmd may be any of
clogit, cnreg, glm, intreg, logistic, logit, mlogit, nbreg, ologit,
oprobit, poisson, probit, qreg, regress, rreg, stcox, streg, or xtgee.

Example 1
webuse intregxmpl
fracpoly intreg wage1 wage2 age

Example 2
webuse news2
fracpoly cnreg date lncltn,cen(cnsrd)

Example 3
webuse rod93
fracpoly nbreg deaths age_mos,exposure(exp)

(poisson instead of nbreg does graph data points)
Any help would be appreciated.

Best wishes, Garry

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