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st: log only results of r-class commands

From   "Dr. Stephen Rothenberg" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: log only results of r-class commands
Date   Thu, 22 May 2008 15:07:33 -0500

I am setting up do-files in anticipation of running repetitive descriptive statistics for a long-term project. I will need to produce appendices that contain these descriptive statistics, each of which will be scores of pages long.

My problem is logging the output of commands like -sum- or -fsum- so I can print the appendix stats. I'd like to produce output that contains only the results of the commands in legible tables and my preceding comments that identify them, without the tedious chore of editing out the commands themselves. The commands run to nearly 400 lines in scattered places throughout the log, despite using -bysort- to combine analyses.

Stata includes such commands as -quietly- and the various -set output- variations, all of which suppress results output. The user-supplied commands in the -estout- family and others do a great job in producing tables of estimation output. They do not work with descriptive commands, which are r-class commands. Stata allows me to open two logs simultaneously, one showing commands, comments, results, and error messages, the other showing only the commands, but not only results and comments.

I've searched the FAQs, the ssc contributions, and Statalist, without success.

Does anyone know:
1. A way to log only results of r-class commands in presentable tables?
2. If not, can someone provide a method that will do this?
3. If nothing now exists, will StataCorp consider making output only logging possible in future releases?

Steve Rothenberg
Yucatan, Mexico
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