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st: Reshape and file could not open

From   Nicholas Harrigan <>
Subject   st: Reshape and file could not open
Date   Wed, 07 May 2008 16:50:57 +0100


I am using 'reshape' on a 1000 variable * 1000 observation dataset. It is actually a matrix for a graph, and contains only 1s and 0s.

After processing for about 2-3 mins I get this error message:
file C:\DOCUME~1\[long list of directors and then a file name].tmp could not be opened

I cannot find anything about this in the manuals or online. Also, I don't have any other problems using my temp directory with Stata and my hard drive has 50Gig of space left on it.

The command I use is:
local variable_prefix v
gen row=_n
reshape long `variable_prefix',i(row) j(col)


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