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Re: st: A Thought

From   "Rafal Raciborski" <>
Subject   Re: st: A Thought
Date   Mon, 5 May 2008 00:48:49 -0400

i wish i could somehow return the old manuals and upgrade them to new
ones at a discounted price....  i don't have a problem shelling out
big $ once for a complete set but am not willing to do it every two
years or so.

i know the stata corp is making significant money on the manuals and i
am not sure how feasible it is, but would it be possible to have
manuals installed as either html or pdf during the installation and
have them somehow associated with the serial number so that the files
would not open on another machine?  the user could type in stata -man
regress- and an associated page would open in a browser or pdf reader.


On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 11:53 PM, Raphael Fraser
<> wrote:
> Message to Stata
>  What I am about to say may sound a bit out of the ordinary but here goes.
>  Along with each release of Stata comes Stata Manuals. These manuals
>  are essential for Stata programmers and others but can prove costly
>  for some. In addtion to selling print versions of the manuals, why not
>  make its contents freely available online? Why would Stata want to do
>  this? I think there is a large group of non-Stata programmers and
>  other users that would benefit from this. For example. there are SAS
>  and R programmers who would consider adding Stata to their programming
>  tool kit. Making the manuals available on-line would indeed reduce
>  "learning frustration" and make it much easier for those who
>  contemplate switching. Or for those wanting to switch.
>  What are YOUR thoughts?
>  Raphael
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