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st: error message after using -reoprob-

From   "J. Li" <>
Subject   st: error message after using -reoprob-
Date   Thu, 24 Apr 2008 21:53:57 -0400

Hi all,

I am using -reoprob- to estimate a dynamic ordered probit panel data
model with random effects. The dependent variable is self-assessed
health status with 5 ranks and only the first lag is included in the
regressor list. I got some strange error message for some of my
regressions. The command I used is as following:

xi: reoprob $yvar hlthclag1 hlthclag2 hlthclag3 hlthclag5 agec genderc
i.area fsize birthage lnhincome schoolm2 schoolm3 schoolm4 schoolf2
schoolf3 schoolf4 pmkfe pmknm mlnhincome mschoolm mschoolf if
qpropeducu==1, i(persruk)

The error message showed up when fitting the constant-only model as

__00000W not found

What might be the problem here? Thanks very much!

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