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st: Ambiguous Abbreviation Error

From   Christian Gregory <>
Subject   st: Ambiguous Abbreviation Error
Date   Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:22:02 -0400


I have a *.do file in which I execute two loops, one inside the other. 

-----Example begins------

forvalues i = 1/3 {
      g h`i' =0 ....
      local n = _N ....
                forvalues j = 1/`n'{
                        replace h`i' = expression if id==`j'

-----Example Ends----------

The first time through the inner loop (i = 1), it works fine. And it is also fine for the first iteration of the second time through (i =2 j = 1). After that,  I get an error message: r110 h Ambiguous Abbreviation.

I could write the loops as an ado file and bootstrap, but I'm wondering why I get this error and if there is a way to work around it in the program's present form.


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