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Re: st: viewer behavior on stata startup

From   Alan Riley <>
Subject   Re: st: viewer behavior on stata startup
Date   Wed, 9 Apr 2008 10:54:23 -0500

Rafal Raciborski asked about Viewers automatically appearing (but
with a default 'help_advice' topic) when he starts Stata:
> can anybody replicate this small annoyance?
> when i have, let's say, four viewers open with different help topics
> and exit stata, next time i start stata, i get four viewers popping
> out each showing the default help help_advice topic.
> stata 10.0 on windows xp

This can be controlled by Stata's preferences.  Rafal can choose for
Viewers to be persistent or not.  Stata can optionally remember how
many Viewers were open when Stata closed and automatically open those
Viewers when Stata restarts.  Stata can also optionally remember the
topics which were open in those Viewers when Stata closed and automatically
reload those topics when Stata restarts.

This behavior can be set in the Windowing tab of Stata's General
Preferences dialog.  In Stata 10, pull down the Edit menu, go to the
Preferences sub-menu, and choose General Preferences.  From the
resulting dialog, click on the Windowing tab.

Check or uncheck "Make undocked Viewers persistent".  Rafal probably
has this checked, and if he wishes that the Viewers not come back the
next time he starts Stata, he can uncheck this.

If Rafal wants the Viewers to come back, and he wants them to remember
the topic in each of them rather than defaulting to the "help_advice"
topic, in addition to leaving the "Make undocked Viewers persistent"
box checked, he can also check the "Persistent Viewers retain topics"
box on the same tab in the preferences dialog.

--Alan Riley
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