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st: Vista SP1 performance issue?

From   Craig Mohn <>
Subject   st: Vista SP1 performance issue?
Date   Sun, 06 Apr 2008 13:04:27 -0700

Hi all -

I'm running Stata 10 64-bit on a 4-core processor with 8 gig of RAM.  My license
is valid for 2 processors.  I am doing a rather large and time-consuming
constrained nested logit model with a large number of alternatives, and have
been experiencing 48 hour times until convergence.  

Before upgrading to Vista SP1, the cpu utilization monitors would show all
processors in use and an overall utilization of 50% while running large stata
problems, which is what I would expect since the program is constrained to 2
cores by my license.  Since the Vista service pack update, and probably a Stata
update too, I am now observing utilizations bouncing between 35 and 50 percent,
averaging about 40 percent.  Execution is taking noticeably longer.

Have others experienced a loss of multiprocessor efficiency with recent updates?
Is there a fix?  On a separate but related note, can I set processor affinity in
stata to force execution to stay on two specific cores, since swapping cores
must involve additional system overhead?


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