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Re: st: if else

From   Ronnie Babigumira <>
Subject   Re: st: if else
Date   Mon, 24 Mar 2008 23:26:27 +0100

Thank you Margaret and Eva. This is just what I needed.


Margaret R Grove wrote:
if "$member" == "jane" {

so that Stata will realize that you've got a string comparison .....


Ronnie Babigumira wrote:
Dear Listers,
I have data with codes for the members who collected the data and I would like to assert that these codes are correct.

Here is what I have done

global member "john" // defined in another do-file

*** do-file that checks member codes *****
cd c:\temp/$member

input houscode memid
1 10101
2 10101
3 10101

if $member == "jane" {
assert memid == 10201
else if $member == "john" {
assert memid == 10101

When I run this code, I get an error message -john not found-. What I had hoped is that this code would take the information in the $member and them check that the variable memid has the correct code

Am I missing something obvious. Please help

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