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st: logit / odds ratio interpretation using -listcoef-

From   Jn <>
Subject   st: logit / odds ratio interpretation using -listcoef-
Date   Sat, 15 Mar 2008 09:02:39 -0400

Dear Stata users,

I am a student and I have one question regarding interpretation of a
logit regression. After running my regression I used -listcoef-
command (in percentage form) for interpretation of the coefficients.
Some of my dummy independent variables return with extremely high
percentage chnage in odds i.e. 2,500% and I am not sure if I am
interpreting this right. Does that mean the odds of my dependent
variable = 1 increase by 2500% for ___??___ (i don't get this part,
when the independent variable is binary). Would it make sense for me
to interpret it as, for instsance, a 0.5 increase in probability of x
variable increases the odds of y=1 by 1250 %?

Any help appreciated..thanks
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