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st: help needed with creating table

From   Lili Yan <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: help needed with creating table
Date   Wed, 12 Mar 2008 14:35:07 -0500

Dear Statalist subscribers,

I need help to create a descriptive statistics table for a bunch of
-summarize- commands. Eventually, I want the table looks like this:

                 Native cars          Foreign cars
var1             mean                       mean
                  (sd)                           (sd)
var2             mean                       mean
                  (sd)                           (sd)
No.of Obs.    xxx                           xxx

I tried some codes which I attached below. However, there are two
difficulities that I cannot solve. First, I want the same number of
observations for all variables. That is, only when an observation has
no missing values for all variables in the varlist, that observation
can be included in the sample. In my codes, each variable has its own
no. of obs.; Second, I want the standard deviation to be put below the
mean and in parentheses. Currently, it is beside the mean which is not

...............tentative codes start here........
sysuse auto, clear;
global varlist mpg price weight length;

foreach var in $varlist { ;
qui summ `var' if foreign==1;
scalar drop _all;

mat drop _all;
mat n=r(N);
mat mean=r(mean);
mat v=r(sd);

mat input try=(0 0 0);
mat rownames try=`var';
mat colnames try= nbobs nbmean nbsd;
mat try[1,1]=n;
mat try[1,2]=mean;
mat try[1,3]=v;

mat list try;
..................tentative codes end.................

Please kindly give some help! Thanks a lot!!


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