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st: "strings too long" error when using MDS

From   David Moore <>
Subject   st: "strings too long" error when using MDS
Date   Thu, 28 Feb 2008 16:33:39 -0800

I tried running -mds- and received the following error message:

strings too long in name() variable

It appears that there's a bug in the code (subroutine Id2String) that sets
up the labels for the dissimilarity matrix.  When the -mds- "id" variable
contains names that exceed 32 characters, it breaks the name limit for
labeling dissimilarity matrices.  A workaround is to -decode- the "id"
variable with the "maxlength" option or, if it's a string variable, truncate
the strings.

I only tracked the error down based upon my particular use of the -mds-
command.  There may be other places in the code that are also affected, but
I'm unaware of any, since I didn't examine the code in any detail.

Dave Moore

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