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Re: st: re: Memory, Stata 10, and 32-bit XP

From   Sylvain Friederich <>
Subject   Re: st: re: Memory, Stata 10, and 32-bit XP
Date   Fri, 22 Feb 2008 16:36:48 +0000 (GMT)

Kit -- I almost certainly agree with you in principle
but I don't want to start a thread on why XP (or any
flavour of Windows for that matter) is an inferior OS,
simply because my institution is not giving me any

Even restricting ourselves to Microsoft alternatives,
we're all aware of how difficult MS is finding it to
convince people to switch to Vista. Not encouraging...

-- S.

--- Kit Baum <> wrote:

> Forgetting about 32-bit XP, Vista and all that
> stuff, under Mac OS X  
> 10.4.x I get
> Stata/SE 9.2 on a machine with 1 Gb RAM: maximum of
> 1970 Mb available  
> (with matsize=400)
> Stata/SE 10.0 on a machine with 6 Gb RAM: maximum of
> 2260 Mb  
> available (with matsize=400)
> These are 64-bit machines running a 32-bit version
> of Mac OS X. When  
> I install Mac OS X 10.5, I will have a 64-bit OS,
> and when StataCorp  
> releases a 64-bit version of Stata 10 to match, I
> will be in memory  
> hog heaven.
> I expect you could get access to quite a bit more
> RAM on your Intel  
> box under any flavor of Linux than WinXP, and
> perhaps more than  
> Michael Blasnik reports under Vista...
> Kit

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