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Re: st: re: installing V10 then V9

From   Sylvain Friederich <>
Subject   Re: st: re: installing V10 then V9
Date   Thu, 21 Feb 2008 19:56:57 +0000 (GMT)

Thanks to all for your views. 

I could of course have gone straight so Stata
Tech-support with this query but I thought someone on
the List might have installed v9 after v10 months ago
and could easily confirm whether this created problems
or not with the benefit of experience.

Still went to Tech-support after our discussion, who
assured me there would no problem. 

But glad I took this question to the list, I've learnt
a few things, as always.

I'm about to explain in a separate message why I just
wanted to do such a thing (install an older version of


--- Nick Winter <> wrote:

> Speaking for Windows, my guess is that this will
> work fine, with a few 
> caveats noted on the list so far.
> Under Windows at least, by default Stata installs
> the program files in 
> directories that include the version number
> (c:\program files\stata10; 
> c:\program files\stata9; etc.), and also seems to
> keep its registry keys 
> in separately-named branches.  So the basic
> installation and official 
> update processes seems like they will not step on
> each other, which is 
> why it works to install version 9 and then version
> 10, as I and many 
> others have done.
> The caveats I see for Windows, as others have noted,
> are that the OS's 
> file associations will be to the last-installed
> version, which might or 
> might not be what you want.  Stata can restore the
> file associations in 
> the OS to version 10 if you want
> (Edit-Preferences-Restore File 
> Associations), though.
> The other issue is the user ado path (the PERSONAL
> and PLUS 
> directories); these will by default point to the
> same place.  That's 
> great if you want both installations to see the same
> set of add-ons; a 
> problem if you don't.  I don't recall whether Stata
> gives you an option 
> to relocate those directories on install.
> - NW

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