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RE: st: RE: Installing v10, then v9

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Installing v10, then v9
Date   Thu, 21 Feb 2008 10:56:11 -0000

I recommended "specify the operating system" for several reasons. 

1. It does no harm, and it may be helpful, to specify the operating
system as information in such cases. Sylvain saw the point. 

2. Installation is manifestly more than copying certain files. Exactly
what else is done depends on the OS. 

3. It is common on this list to assume that a questioner is using
Windows when that is not explicitly stated. In Sylvain's case that would
have been correct. 

4. I had no time for a more detailed answer. 

Like Sylvain, I have never installed an earlier version of Stata after a
later version, although my guess would have been that there would be
noproblem, I could not be certain. 


Sergiy Radyakin

How comes it depends on the OS???

You download the latest executable from Stata's website, put it
in any folder. Create file isstata.100 with one line
"STATA is better than SPSS" there.
Launch it (binary). It will ask you for registration
information - enter whatever you've received with your installation
from Stata Corp (it will create Stata.lic) and off you go. Of course
all the ADOs are not there, but then you can decide which ones
you need and put them along the adopath.

All in all - there should be no conflict whatsoever if you properly
configure your installations.

Best regards, Sergiy Radyakin

PS: in the file isstata.100 lines
"STATA is better than SAS" and "STATA is better than GAUSS"
also work!


On 2/20/08, Nick Cox <> wrote:
> For the best advice, specify the operating system.
> Sylvain Friederich
> May seem like a strange request but is anyone aware of
> known disadvantages to installing v9 on a desktop
> where v10 is already installed?
> I know installing v10 after v9 causes no problem, I'm
> worried that a v9 install when v10 is there might
> cause some files to be replaced with an older version,
> etc.

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