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st: question for graphing hazard rate plots

From   Elise Paradis <>
Subject   st: question for graphing hazard rate plots
Date   Tue, 19 Feb 2008 18:13:05 -0800

Hi Stata Fanatics!

I am a PhD student at Stanford University, and looking for some help  
with an event history analysis (survival analysis) that I am running  
for a prof here.
What she is looking for is baseline hazard rates in the form of a  
graph. She does not want a full event history analysis with variables.

The data: 192 countries (newid3), from 1870-2003, and the event  
(endstate_ministry) is the foundation year of ministries in 9 core  
areas (eg. education, family, religion, etc.). There is also an  
independence year variable (indep_year).
Each ministry is conceptualized as a different event.

Now I wrote the following, for the children ministry, where  
"children" is the foundation year, and "year0" is 1870:

* children
stset children, id(newid3) origin(time 1870) entry(indep_year) failure 
(endstate_ch==1) exit(endstate_ch==1) time0(year0)

I have two main questions:

1. How do I get the hazard rate for this stset to get plotted?
2. How do I make sure that the x-axis displays historical time,  
rather than analysis time?



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