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From   Roy Wada <>
To   <>
Subject   =?windows-1256?Q?st:_problem_with_outreg2:_p-value_deciles=FE?=
Date   Thu, 14 Feb 2008 20:49:27 -0800

John can either use bdec( ) to get around this problem,
which will set the decimals for p-values as well, or install
the new version of -outreg2- that I am sending to him
I will send it to the industrious Kit Baum to be uploaded 
to SSC next month (since it has been updated this month
>Dear all,
>I am using outreg2 with the 'pvalue' option (p-values of 
>t-statistics instead of standard errors are reported).
>I tried to limit the number of deciles of the p-values to 3 
>with the 'tdec(integer)' option but it did not work. For some 
>coefficients, it reports me 8 deciles (like e.g. 0.00000071) 
>which futilely blows up the width of the table columns. 
>Instead of this space-consuming number I'd prefer a simple 0.000. 
>Any helpful suggestions are highly appreciated.
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