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st: summary stats at different levels

From   "Daniel Macneil" <>
Subject   st: summary stats at different levels
Date   Wed, 13 Feb 2008 09:17:20 -0500


I have data arranged by 1000 individuals who come from 700 families. How can i do the basic summary stats on the family level(each family is marked with code), rather than the individuals? I am using xtlogit for my analysis, and that works fine, but the simpler task of getting the descriptive stats at the family level is perplexing me.


On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 19:27:02 -0000
Bidisha Sayema <> wrote:

Dear Satalisters,

I am using a two sample two stage least square method which essentially
involves getting predicted value of one of the explanatory variables
from one sample and then using that predicted value in another sample to
estimate the final regression. Therefore in my 1st sample I have the
explanatory variable X and instruments Zs and in 2nd sample I don't have
X but I have the dependent variable Y and same instrument set Z. In my
1st stage I estimate model of X while regressing X on Zs. In the 2nd
stage I use the coefficients of Zs obtained from the 1st stage
regression with the values of Zs available in the 2nd sample to get a
predicted value of Xhat. This Xhat is used as a regressor in my final
regression of Y. However as I am using predicted value of Xhat in my
final regression, I need to correct the standard errors manually. It
would be greatly appreciated if someone inform me how to do it in STATA.

Bidisha *ps: I am having problem while receiving mails from statalist therefore
it would be appreciated if you also reply to the other address in this
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