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st: bootstrap in stata 9 and stata 10

From   Carl Nelson <>
Subject   st: bootstrap in stata 9 and stata 10
Date   Tue, 12 Feb 2008 09:45:48 -0600 (CST)

Sorry for the previous empty post.

I have an rclass function elasticity to use to bootstrap elasticities after estimation of a demand system. The bootstrap command that I use is:

bootstrap (income: (etab1) (etab2) (etab3) (etab4)) (price1: (etab11) (etab12) (etab13) (etab14)) (price2: (etab21) (etab22) (etab23) (etab24)) (price3: (etab31) (etab32) (etab33) (etab34)) (price4: (etab41) (etab42) (etab43) (etab44)), reps(150) seed(3782956): elasticity

This command runs and reports bootstrap results in stata 9.

In stata 10 the bootstrap iterations run then I get the error
insufficient observations to compute bootstrap standard errors
no results will be saved

I searched through the bootstrap ado file and I could not find where this error is being generated. I also couldn't find any reference to this difference on the faq.

What changed from 9 to 10, and what do I need to change to get results in stata 10?


Carl Nelson
Urbana, Illinois
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