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Re: st: Expansion Modules

From   "Sergiy Radyakin" <>
Subject   Re: st: Expansion Modules
Date   Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:15:40 -0500

Thank you Alan,

I just thought that there might be another possibility to build
applications in and around Stata. So if those expansion modules can
theoretically-hypothetically be implemented one day, is that in the
hands of the user? or Stata Corp?

Sincerely, Sergiy

On 2/11/08, Alan Riley <> wrote:
> Sergiy Radyakin ( asked about "Expansion Modules"
> in Stata:
> > I wonder what the "Expansion Modules" in Stata are? And what is the
> > difference between "expansion modules" and "plug-ins"?
> > Any information is wanted.
> Some discussion ensued with others on the list wondering what he was
> talking about.
> First, to avoid any confusion for someone new to Stata: Stata does
> not have separate modules which must be purchased to perform certain
> analyses.  When you buy Stata, you get it all.
> There are many user-written programs (ado-files, plugins, and Mata
> code) available for Stata, and all of these may easily be installed for
> free over the internet.  Thus, Stata is expandable and easily expanded.
> Now, back to Sergiy's question.  I suspect that Sergiy has been
> looking at one of the early chapters in a Stata "Getting Started"
> manual, where a screen shot shows what Stata looks like when it
> first comes up.  In the place where Stata would normally display
> its 'Notes' on the startup screen, the screen shot in the Getting
> Started manual has italicized text which reads "Other information
> appears, such as expansion modules, notes, ...".
> Sergiy should not read too much into this screen shot.  The italicized
> text is merely letting the reader of the Getting Started manual know
> that if Stata had anything important to say upon startup, this is where
> it would be displayed.  There currently is no such thing as a formal Stata
> "expansion module", but if there ever is, information about it may be
> displayed on the startup screen along with the Notes that are displayed
> when Stata starts.
> --Alan
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