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st: RE: R: Stata Event study

From   "Rajesh Tharyan" <>
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Subject   st: RE: R: Stata Event study
Date   Mon, 11 Feb 2008 16:53:43 -0000


This may be more relevant?


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Subject: st: R: Stata Event study 

Dear Aasmund,

you may find useful the following:

-Blossfeld HP, Golsch K, Rohwer G. Event history analysis with Stata.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007 (please,see

Since your post doesn't provide the readers with further details (please, to
increase your reply score make your queries more informative), I would take
the chance to refer you to the following references too, concerning Survival

Svend Juul's textbook An Introduction to Stata for Health Researchers

Cleves, Gould, and Gutierrez  (please, see

Stata manual [ST] Survival analysis and epidemiological tables.

Maarten Buis posted an interesting (and free-downloadable)prime on SA at

Last but far from least, you may find Stephen Jenkins's outstanding website
a useful resource:
With different free-downloadable papers and lessons.

HTH and Kind Regards,

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Inviato: luned́ 11 febbraio 2008 12.12
Oggetto: st: Stata Event study 

Dear sirs

I was wondering if you have an detailed guide about how to perform
event study on stata? We are two student writing a master thesis about
and acquisition in Scandinavia. And we have never used Stata before
> >
> >
Aasmund Edland

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