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st: Stata's ability to do multi-level analysis on imputed surveydata

From   "Malinda Kennedy" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Stata's ability to do multi-level analysis on imputed surveydata
Date   Wed, 06 Feb 2008 14:45:57 -0500

Hello stata users,

I am wrestling with some analytic issues around some survey data. I am using the data to perform (2-level) multilevel analyses.  In so doing, I need to account for the complex survey design (i.e. use "svy" commands) and use the subpop command to look at specific subpopulations. I also need to dealing with the multiply imputed income data, (reconciling the 5 distinct iterations of imputed data) all in a program that can perform multilevel logistic analyses.

I've encountered a good bit of difficulty identifying one program that can do it all (or even two programs that can do it all and relate to one another!)  I think Stata can do this, but I am new to Stata, so I am not positive. Does anyone have any inclinations about how what statistical program is best to deal with these issues? 
Can anyone recommend a book on stata programming that will help me learn how to do this (assuming stata is the best fit).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way, thanks again for your help with my other question for another analysis.


Malinda Kennedy

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