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RE: st: sorting with tabdisp

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: sorting with tabdisp
Date   Tue, 5 Feb 2008 19:56:36 -0000

I think Maarten did understand and did answer your question. The answer
is that you can't do this directly in -tabdisp-, so you have to resort
to trickery. Before calling -tabdisp-, you must generate a variable to
do the job. 

You must get something that looks like -name- in your table, but is
really something else. As Maarten said, the -egen- function -axis()-
-egenmore- on SSC is one way to do this. The dopey name arises from one
use, for generating variables to serve as graph axes. 



Dear Maarten,

thanks but I guess I expressed myself badly:


tabdisp name yr, cellvar(var)

I want to order name (i.e. the rows) according to the values
of cellvar in the first column.

Maarten buis wrote:
> --- Thomas <> wrote:
>> given the following table:
>> tabdisp name yr, cellvar(var)
>> I would like to sort the data in the cells on the
>> first column, i.e. the first year in my panel.
> If I understand you correctly than you want the columns in the example
> below to be in order (1 2 3 4 5 .). As you can see -tabdisp- already
> does that. One possible reason why -tabdisp- may appear not to do so
> when value labels are attached to the values of yr (rep78 in the
> example below) and the order of the values is not the same as the
> "order" of the value labels. Stata looks at the values and displays
> labels, so the categories appear out of order. If this is the case you
> can take a look at the -axis()- function in the -egenmore- package
> downloadable from -ssc-.

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