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st: Rearranging Variables

From   Alekos Bibudis <>
Subject   st: Rearranging Variables
Date   Fri, 01 Feb 2008 21:49:42 +0100

Hi everyone.

Using data from the GSOEP I`d like to transform some variables handling with information on occupational status.
There is a variable for each wave and month of the year holding 0/1 coded information wether the person was unemployed at this point in time or not (84 variables from Jan99 to Dez05).
I additionally have information on the month and year the interview was conducted. That is for each wave a variable coded 1 (Jan) to 12 (Dec) (7 variables from month00 to month06).

What I'd like to arrange is to generate twelve new variables holding the information of unemployment status of the twelve months BEFORE the interview was conducted (Monat1 to Monat12) starting with Interviewmonth Jan00 and ending with Jan06.
The logic would be:
generate a new yariable and give it the value of the month before the interview
generate another new variable and give it the value of two months before the interview
generate a last variable and give it the value of twelve months befor the interview

For 2006 there is no information on unemployment status, because it will be gathered retrospectivively in the next wave.

Here's what I've tried, I know it doesn't work, but maybe it'll help to see what I'm after:

version 9.1;
local y = 1999;
foreach x in 00 01 02 03 04 05 06{;
gen Monat1 = Dez`y' if month`x' = 1;
local y = `y' + 1;

I'd appreciate every help I can get on this.

Dipl.-Soz. Alekos Bibudis
"Betrieb und Beschäftigung im Wandel"
SFB 580, Projekt B2
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Phone: +49-(0)371-6957616

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