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st: Reposts

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Reposts
Date   Fri, 30 Nov 2007 12:17:23 -0000

The Statalist FAQ details policy on posts that are not 
answered and on the practice of reposting. Please see

No one has the responsibility to answer any 
particular email. If a post does not receive 
a reply, perhaps the question did not appear 
interesting or answerable, or for some other 
reason no one wanted to reply to your question. 
For example, many members are unwilling to 
write long personal tutorials that may or may 
not recapitulate what you already know. 

Although one repost is allowed, just repeating a question 
will not make it any clearer or more interesting.  

In this particular case, the implication seems 
to be that one model is more appropriate for your 
data than another. Without any more detail 
in your original posting, I don't see what else
can be said. I guess that at least some people 
refrained from saying that because they thought 
it was both obvious and unhelpful. 


Unnati Rani Saha

I have enrolled in stata list. I am receiving a number of emails
But surprisingly it is true that several times I sent some problem to
get help from the stata lister but no response.

I cannot guess the reason. Again I am sending please if any of you can
help me I'wd grateful.

I am sending the problem again for your help.

Seema Bhatia

I have a question about the HT test for the use of of FEv/sRE

What would happen if while testing for the more efficient estimator, I
specified Re as robust? Therefore instead of

xtreg depvar indepvar 1........................indepvarn, re

I specify

xtreg depvar indepvar 1........................indepvarn, re robust?

I did this just as a test out of curiosity (without considering the full
implications of this) and I find that the differenc in the two commands
changes the  Prob>chi2 dramnatically so that in the former case FE is
appropriate and in the latter RE is appropriate

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