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st: Gllamm question

From   "Barth Riley" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Gllamm question
Date   Fri, 30 Nov 2007 02:07:21 -0600

Dear Statalist

I am running a multilevel logistic model using gllamm. In addition to
estimating fixed and random effects, I am using the geqs() option to fit a
regression model to predict the second-level latent variable. I am
encountering two problems: (1) even after 200+ iterations, gllamm fails to
converge in estimating the fixed effects, even though the estimated
coefficients remain unchanged throughout most of the iteration cycle; and
(2) I received the error "unable to estimate maxmimum likelihood" during the
estimation of the geqs() model Has anyone encountered these problems with
gllamm? Are there any workarounds or ways to troubleshoot the problem? 

The gllamm syntax is as follows:

eq slope: x
eq sectslope: Section
eq f2: HoodCode Development ZoneType PctDisability PctIncomeLT10K
gllamm x d1_1-d17_1, i(id Section) eqs(slope sectslope) link(mlogit)
expand(obs chosen o) weight(wt) nip(16) trace nocons geqs(f2) allc adapt

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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