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st: working with matrix's rows

Subject   st: working with matrix's rows
Date   Mon, 26 Nov 2007 12:50:40 +0100

I am trying to translate the following S-PLUS script for use in Stata
for (i in 1:ng){
	p <- solve(r1 +vu/ns[i],r1)
	q <- r2 %*% (idd-p)
	xtilde[i,] <- xmean[i,] %*% p +mux %*% (idd-p) +dz[i,] %*% q
How can I work with matrix rows? I thoght that, if dz is a matrix, -dz[1,.]- order Stata to take the first row. However, given that both dz[1,.]*q and dz[.,1]*q produce a result (while one should produce an error given that dz is [63,30] and q is [30,15]), my thought must be wrong. So, how can I take a row from dz in order to do the loop?


P.S. I use version 9.2

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