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Re: st: Svy subsamples

From   "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject   Re: st: Svy subsamples
Date   Sat, 24 Nov 2007 21:06:57 -0500

It strikes me as odd that the ref cited does not discuss the HLM
software package by Raudenbush and Bryk and Congdon, which can handle
a variety of weights at different levels, I believe.  Reminds me of a
very interesting unanswered question from 2 years ago:
(sample weights on kids, and analytic weights on test scores).
If anyone has insight into that old question,
I'd be interested to hear it!

On 11/24/07, Steven Joel Hirsch Samuels <> wrote:
> I believe that the questions of whether to include weights and of
> which weights to include, must be decided on a case-by-case basis. I
> might not use supplied  weights in analyses of sub-populations or for
> certain analytic studies. I do not know that the reasons for my
> decisions not to weight would be considered prevalent concepts.  In
> MLM, estimated variance components might be important, and I have not
> thought about weighting in connection with these.  Certainly, a major
> reason that scientists do not consider whether to weight multilevel
> analyses is that their software cannot do so.
> The reference below states that the following MLM packages can
> incorporate sampling weights: MPLUS, LISREL, MLWIN, and the
> contributed Stata program GLLAMM. Construction of the weights for
> these programs is not straight-forward, because different factors
> apply at each level of a hierarchical model. The reference describes,
> and contains links to, SAS and Stata programs that construct
> composite weights for two-level analyses.
> Software to Compute Sampling Weights for Multilevel Analysis by Kim
> Chantala, Dan Blanchette, and C. M.Suchindran, 2006 ( http://
> 20Weights%20for%20Multilevel%20Analysis.pdf )
> Steven Samuels
> > To Steven Samuel:
> >
> > First, let me apologize myself for "interfering" into
> > your fascinating conversation. I wonder if it is your
> > opinion that the same concepts are prevalent when some
> > scientists do not take into account sampling weights
> > when analyzing cluster samples arising from household
> > survey with multilevel regression techniques, or it is
> > simply that techniques for dealing with sampling
> > weights are not available for multilevel regression?
> >
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