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st: sample splitting problem

Subject   st: sample splitting problem
Date   21 Nov 2007 06:00:21 -0000

Dear all, here I'm again for a new request of help. I would like to replicate a sample splitting into my research. 
Given an unbalanced panel (ts-cs data) and two variables, x and y, the sample splitting criterion is the following: 
a firm is identified as having more "x" (high_x) if "x/y" is larger than the median accross firms of the firms' time averages. Conversely, a firm is identified as having less "x" (low_x) if "x/y" is less than (or equal to) the median accross firms of these time averages. I would be grateful if someone can help me with the commands (just an example to use for my dataset). 
Thank you very much.


(I'm sending this message again, since the first one - from another email - never appeared into the list)

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