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Re: st: scaling

From   Michael Foster <>
Subject   Re: st: scaling
Date   Sat, 17 Nov 2007 11:24:25 -0500

yes, that would be fine.
If you log Y, that may have conceptual implications that you may not want.
Generally speaking, it's desirable to have your explanatory variables on roughly the same scale.
So you might not want to scale Y as much as scale the X's and scale them by different amounts.


Renuka Metcalfe wrote:

Dear Statalisters

I am using a cross-section data. I am looking at the
impact of "x" on "Y", runing an OLS. I ran something

.regress Y x1, x2, x3

Some of my coefficients are very large. For example,
I cannot log the dependent variable, since some of the
some workplaces had minus "Y".

I guess I could divide "Y" by 1000. But I not certain
if this would be correct.
I would be grateful, if anyone would let me know, how
I could scale these coefficients so that they are a
lot smaller.

Thank you

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