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st: New -ssc- subcommand in most recent update

From (William Gould, StataCorp LP)
Subject   st: New -ssc- subcommand in most recent update
Date   Thu, 15 Nov 2007 10:31:26 -0600

In the latest ado-file update for Stata, which you can obtain by typing 

        . update query

there is a new -ssc- subcommand, 

        . ssc whatshot

        Top 10 packages at SSC

          Rank   # hits    Package       Author(s)
             1   1214.0    outreg        John Luke Gallup
             2    911.1    estout        Ben Jann
             3    847.6    xtabond2      David Roodman
             4    830.8    outreg2       Roy Wada
             5    788.6    ivreg2        Steven Stillman, Mark E Schaffer,
                                           Christopher F Baum
             6    667.8    psmatch2      Barbara Sianesi, Edwin Leuven
             7    508.2    gllamm        Sophia Rabe-Hesketh
             8    320.3    xtivreg2      Mark E Schaffer
             9    315.3    overid        Steven Stillman, Christopher F Baum,
                                           Mark E Schaffer, Vince Wiggins
            10    266.0    tabout        Ian Watson
          (Click on package name for description)

SSC stands for Statistical Software Components archive, a.k.a. Boston College
Archive a.k.a. RePeC.  SSC has become the premier download site for
user-written software on the web.  If you don't already know about the -ssc-
command, type -help ssc-.  -ssc- is easy to use.  If you wanted to install the
package named -estout-, you could type

        . ssc install estout

and, if you later wanted to uninstall it, you would type 

        . ssc uninstall estout

Anyway, by default -ssc whatshot- lists the ten most popular packages, 
but you can specify the number to list:

        . ssc whatshot, n(20)
        <output omitted>

Type -ssc whatshot, n(.)- to list all packages.  If you wanted to see
the ten most popular packages by Nickolas Cox, you type

        . ssc whatshot, author(cox)

        Top 10 packages at SSC by author Cox

          Rank   # hits    Package       Author(s)
            13    230.2    egenmore      Nicholas J. Cox
            14    198.3    whitetst      Nicholas J. Cox, Christopher F Baum
            19    175.3    winsor        Nicholas J. Cox
            35    132.7    tableplot     Nicholas J. Cox
            38    126.7    matmap        Nicholas J. Cox
            43    119.3    omninorm      Nicholas J. Cox, Christopher F Baum
            47    106.0    tsspell       Nicholas J. Cox
            51     95.3    statsmat      Christopher F Baum, Nicholas J. Cox
            64     86.8    examples      Nicholas J. Cox
            77     79.2    tabplot       Nicholas J. Cox
          (Click on package name for description)

You can combine the -n()- and -author()- options.

The list is updated monthly and is based on a 3-month moving average.

-- Bill

P.S.  Be careful about putting -ssc whatshot- on the subject line of email.
      We have already discovered that most email filters give "whatshot" a 
      high spam score.

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