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Re: st: Countfit

From   Richard Williams <>
To, <>
Subject   Re: st: Countfit
Date   Thu, 01 Nov 2007 09:56:42 -0500

At 08:46 AM 11/1/2007, Meryle Weinstein wrote:
Im trying to run the following syntax to compare zinb, zip, nbreg, and prg
using Stata 10:

countfit nacadz totregz totregzsq pblack2 phisp2 pasian2 pubschracehet pfl2
plep2 pimmig2 pimmigdum math2 lntppe2 lntppedum edu160pz old0z  bronx
brooklyn queens si, inflate(totregz pblack2 phisp2 pasian2 pfl2 plep2
pimmig2 edu160pz old0z)

I get the following error message:  unrecognized command:  countfit.

I've searched the help file and downloaded the SPOST files but still get the
same error message.  Any help is appreciated.
Do you have the right version of spost?  It is part of spost9.

What happens if you type the -which- command?  I get

. which countfit
*! version 0.8.0 fix pr bug

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