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st: How does one export Mata matrices to Stata matrix language matrices?

From   "Petroulas Pavlos" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: How does one export Mata matrices to Stata matrix language matrices?
Date   Fri, 26 Oct 2007 12:32:29 +0300

Dear all, 

My question is the following. If I am in Stata and for memory preserving
reasons I enter Mata (instead of using Stata's matrix language) do
certain matrix operation, I would then like to exit Mata but keep the
matrices in Stata's memory: How do I do this? (I.e with mat dir in
Statas matrix language I would like for some matrices that I've created
in Mata to show up)

Here follows an example that might be a bit more illuminating than my

*load a weighting matrix

	use A.dta, replace

* Enter it to Mata and do some matrices

		st_view(A=., ., .)





*drop the weighting matrix

	drop A1-A50

*load the variables enter them into Mata do the matrix calculations

	use D.dta, replace

		st_view(y=.,., "y")			(Equivalent to
		st_view(x1=.,., "x1")
		st_view (x2=., .,("x2"))
		st_view (x3=., .,("x3"))


	`	E=TM#(IM- x1sc *A)


		F= B + C



Here I would like to export 
1	the variables y11, x222, x333 to Stata (something equivalent to
svmat but from Mata to Stata)
2 	the matrices E & F	in such a way that if I write ' mat dir'
in Stata E & F appear in the  memory. If this is not possible what would
you recommend?

Kina regards, 



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