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Re: st: ? Bug: Stata 10 crashes when ctrl+9 pressed twice

From (James Hassell, StataCorp LP)
Subject   Re: st: ? Bug: Stata 10 crashes when ctrl+9 pressed twice
Date   Mon, 22 Oct 2007 15:00:43 -0500

David Jacobs <> has raised several issues
related to Stata10 on Windows. I will address his remarks inline

> I am having all sorts of difficulties with Stata 10 MP 4 on a Windows 
> XP 32 machine with 2 gigs of memory.  First, it locks up at random 
> times and sometimes at quite awkward moments before I've saved the 
> recent alterations to my data.  I'm not sure exactly what I've done 
> (if anything) to precipitate this untoward behavior.

We have not had other reports of this behavior. If possible David should
try to determine what he is doing when this occurs so we can try to 
duplicate the issue. David should send his findings to

> Second, if I leave a help screen up and then create and edit a graph, 
> the help screen can't be moved nor can it be removed by clicking on 
> its "X" button.  The only way to get rid of that locked help screen 
> is to click on the Window tab at the top and ask Stata to "close all viewers".

This could occur if the "Make windows float" checkbox is selected in the 
window preferences.  This problem was fixed in the last executable 
update.  David should type -update all- in the comamnd window, followed
by -update swap- when prompted.

> Third, before I set the results buffer to a much higher capacity then 
> the default setting, I couldn't use "control+1" to get the cursor 
> into the results window after I'd performed a multiple runs.

We are unable to reproduce this problem.  David, please send a screen
capture of Stata and your Windows desktop to
Also send output from typing -query interface- in the Command window.

> I also miss both the "open recent" option under the file command in 
> the version 10 do file and the "shift-control-S" command in the same 
> place that set up a "save as" for a do file.  I was promised that the 
> "open recent" option that was in prior versions would be added in an 
> upgrade but I haven't had the time to find out.  Has it been?

Recent files were added to the Dofile Editor in the last executable
update.  David should update as noted above.  We will add Shift+Ctrl+S
as a shortcut to "Save-As" in an upcomming executable update.

-- James Hassell (StataCorp)

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